Friday, November 27, 2009

The Most Dangerous Viral Infection

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Today’s Blog Post
The Most Dangerous Viral Infection

I am absolutely sure that I have a “viral infection” of some sort racing through my system! With each passing day this week it has become more evident that it will likely take most of my life away by Mid December.

No it is not the H1N1 Flu.

In September I was perfectly fine… even on into October I was still okay. It wasn’t until this past week that it became a growing threat. Yes I am worried – very worried about what may happen.

Let me explain.

I was reading the following paragraph when it hit me… Quote…
"As a professional restorer of antique and classic watches for major museums, I recently reviewed the movement and individual parts of the Stauer Flyboy 1916 timepiece. The assembly and the precision of the movement are a mix of history and accuracy rarely seen."-George Thomas - Towson Watch Company

We turned to World War I aviation history for a timepiece that truly captures the thrill of the cockpit.

We can't really speak for the top German air ace of World War I, but it's likely he wasn't crazy about chronographs. For the British, French and Yanks who fought ferociously in the skies over Europe, new multi-function wristwatches proved invaluable. These stopwatches helped time complicated maneuvers like barrel rolls in their Sopwith Camel bi-planes. During dogfights in the smoke and flak-filled skies, any advantage was welcome. Stauer honors the early chronographs with a historic masterpiece, the Flyboy 1916 timepiece.

Honoring the "Millionaire Unit."
The air during the Great War was filled with heroes, but one group of flyboys in particular caught our attention. In 1916, a group of students from Yale University, driven by patriotic sentiment and daredevil attitude, formed their own "Air Force" to get airborne for the Allied powers. Using their well connected families' resources, these Bulldogs purchased their own planes and hired flight instructors. These Elis were from well known American families: Taft, Morgan, Roosevelt, Harriman, and Baruch. The press dubbed them "The Millionaire Unit," but years of distinguished service proved that their commitment was no joke.

Aviation history comes alive.
Our designers felt compelled to pay tribute to these pioneering pilots with an updated version of an early cockpit classic. To honor these adventurers of New Haven, we went back to our own history books and studied the early aviator's timepieces. The Stauer Flyboy 1916 is fused in rose gold and has three tachymeters and a moveable bezel to measure speed and ascent. The chronograph function allows you to measure elapsed time and stop on a dime. The interior complications measure elapsed minutes and hours as well as display a military 24-hour clock.Other watch manufacturers believe that when it comes to price, the sky's the limit; not at Stauer. This is a limited edition of 1,916 pieces, so please don't wait, our last 3 limited editions are completely sold out.

~ end Quote…

I know it is a lot to digest – the few paragraphs above… but did you get it?

They only have 1,916 watches left If I want one I have to order it NOW – or else it will be gone. And I will not be able to act out the part of a “1916 Fly Boy” with the fancy watch on my arm.

And to top it off it is only $145 USD (originally it was $195)

The “1916 Fly Boy” is in a catalogue that we received… from Stauer. Along with the watches that were shown I could get my wife some diamonds and emeralds and all kinds of stuff – CHEAP!

In Sept and Oct we didn’t have the catalogue… but after it arrived and I read all that it has promised me – I want EVERYTHING in it!

The Viral Infection is “Shopperitis” and the Christmas season is thoroughly a hold on me with one month less one day left until I can get the things I WANT! – Not what I NEED – but Rather WANT.

Take a look at these bargains shown here… I mean WOW – would my wife ever love me for getting these things! The text below each item has promised me that she would love me even more than now! WOW!

Okay… Okay… I know that it is not going to happen that fast. I doubt they can get it to me before Christmas anyway.

Think of it. With the tons of advertisements that have flooded our homes in the last weeks, the flyers, the letters and all the GREAT STUFF that they promise – no wonder we feel weird and like a viral infection has hit us. I cannot escape it!

Now I know that you are way more spiritual than I am. You are going to sell everything that you have and give it away to the poor… right? You probably won’t do that until after the December 25 – so you will have more to give away – right?


Now if I have caused you to start scratching your personal itch… your own viral infection area…I do apologize. But my guess is that you have already made that decision to buy more!

Hey – have a GREAT SHOPPING TRIP…!!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


1 comment:

David Grant said...

Yep, we do love our stuff. Have our hearts truly gotten so calloused to the enormous need that we can't hear the cry of the poor?

I was actually quite surprised when I did a study on tithing in the OT to discover that only those who owned the harvest or livestock actually tithed. The poor didn't tithe. In fact the oft quoted Malachi 3 passage which is used to get people to give to the local church was actually referring to the storehouse tithe (the third tithe), which was to be used for the care of the poor.

And then when I looked at a very well known passage in the NT in 1 Cor. 16:2 about taking up an offering on the first day of the week, I realized once again how we had misapplied this passage to fill the coffers of the local church. Verse 1 actually informs us that this offering was for the poor/persecuted in Jerusalem. But at least we don't have to lose heart because the Corinthians didn't care about the poor either. We know this because Paul had to write to them a year later and remind them of God's desire for equality on a global basis. 2 Cor. 8,9. I can't remember hearing many sermons on equality. I certainly didn't preach or practice this.

So going by church budgets that I am aware of, I don't think we have to fear anyone caring for the poor this year. After all, if church budgets only reflect token amounts to be given to the poor, and God's people approved the budget, then obviously that is what the Spirit is saying to them.