Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to the Moms in my Life

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Marion Nellie Lincoln - My Mom -May 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to the Moms in my Life
70 years ago a young mom cuddled her new born baby boy.  She was in love with her new life… a wonderful husband and a skinny little baby that was always hungry. Times were hard for the three of them however. A horrible war still raged in two major areas of the world.
An Atomic Bomb was being developed and would be detonated within the next years’ time – August 6, 1945.
On May 8th, 1945 Nazi Germany signed its instrument of surrender.
Life went on… after the hard times things slowly improved. The baby boy received a baby sister a year and a half later, a baby brother 5 years later and then one more sister 12 years later.
The baby boy, who had become a young man, married a beautiful young lady in September 9, 1967.  Then they in turn had two beautiful baby girls – a year and a half apart.
Alida Lincoln and her two girls - Anda Rourke (left) and Dana Lindsay (right)
My Three Gals

It’s a rather complicated story filled with ups and downs.  There is happiness beyond imagination and at times sadness that seemed to have no bottom.  Yet through it all wonderful things happened.
The 23 year old young mom in 1944 is now a 93 year old woman (photo at the top) with 9 grandkids and 13 great grandkids (with another on the way in a few weeks).
Of course you have guessed by now that I am writing today about my own Mom – Marion Nellie Lincoln (nee Kirkpatrick).
Mom’s memory is still intact but there are some days she struggles with what just happened a few moments ago.  But she knows all her kids, grand kids and the great grandkids as well.  Very sharp in some ways but with fading edges in other ways.
She will not read this Blog Posting…. But Happy Mother’s Day to her – and all the other Mom’s in our family as well… Alida, Pat, Heather, Karen, Dana, Anda, Tasha, Jodi, Sarah, Jessie, and Rebecca… you gals are amazing.
Thanks Mom(s)
~ Murray Lincoln ~

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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