Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fairy Doors and Fun Places - Summer time fun

Fairy Doors and Fun Places - Summer time fun

With these warm days and plenty of sunshine there is just nothing like the outdoors.  And being able to work outside longer each day makes it even better.

As some of my followers of this Blog know I am a Wood Carver. In November 2008 I was able to launch a dream.  It was at that time that I see the final product of hard work and planning.  Misty Hollow Carving became a reality. Since that time it has grown and changed from one or two lines of carved wood products to now many different stream and ideas.

At first I worked on creating new faces for my Teddy Bears. You can see some of these Bears at - the official Web Site for Misty Hollow Carving. BTW - Misty Hollow and Murray Lincoln are one and the same.  Murray Lincoln is better known that Misty Hollow at that time.  However Misty Hollow has grown from a few followers and  people that knew about it - to... almost 900,000 people in 5 1/2 years time.

I use ever Social Media program or idea that I can besides Blogging and the Web Page to reach out to the Bigger World. And it works.

Well that was a little bit of what has happened in the past few years.

Here is what has happened in the past few weeks.  Here are the new Fairy Doors that I have been carving.

Mary McGillis the proprietor of the Celtic Connection in Lakefield, Ontario helped me to take this bigger step to supply Businesses in Lakefield with Fairy Doors.

Why would a business want a Fairy Door?

One reason for sure is that these colourful small doors attract Fairies and with it come the people. Fairies love people and people love Fairies.  Place a Fairy Door for Fairies to come in and out of the business - they will come.

Enough words... here is what the new doors look like...  ENJOY!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Misty Hollow Carving was launched in October 2008
Misty Hollow Digital Images were launched on September 26, 2012.

“Crop Circles’ Web Site” where all my images are available.                    
Digital Image from Misty Hollow

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