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Change is good… but not when it comes to Easter

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Change is good… but not when it comes to Easter
In our Christian tradition I can remember what Easter was and is for our family.  It was a time to pause and reconsider what had happened so long ago – what God did for us.  What did happen?

Well the story is well known in certain circles, but maybe not so much in other circles.

The church circles kind of remember it as three day period when we should remember the Death of Jesus on a Cross – and then the Resurrection of Jesus from the Grave three days later.

We call the Friday – Good Friday – when Jesus was Crucified on a Cross.  His false and very jealous accusers were religious people that were God Fearing – without a doubt. The men that actually hung him on the Cross were foreigners – Roman Soldiers living in the land of the Jews and carrying out the orders of jealous and hate-filled religious nuts.

Why “Good” Friday?  Well in our Christian belief we see Jesus as the Lamb of God that takes our Sins away the day he died.

Confusing?  Yah I guess it is at times – for some people.  Confusing in that what we see today is kind of way off the mark that was once the central part of it all – Jesus.

Lamb of God?  Yep more religious wording to help you along the righteous way…  The Lamb of God reference went back to the times when the Jews (also called Hebrews) sacrificed a Lamb for their sins.  The very religious and very jealous guys that were behind the Crucifixion of Jesus all killed baby lambs for their sins.  And many today still do that same sacrifice.   BUT they couldn’t get it straight that God perhaps could also take sins away in another way – even though God organized and showed them what to do with a Lamb (and other animals) at a much earlier time.

Sheesh – as I read what I just wrote I realize that this could be confusing to none Christian readers of this Blog.  Sorry. Christians are good at creating just the right amount of crazy stuff to befuddle the best.

NOW… pause and get it straight… Easter is way more than odd religious rights and practices by people in Churches or wherever.

Easter is about Bunnies that Bring Easter Eggs.  It is about little yellow Chicks that hop into out hands and tell us it is Springtime.  It is about Chocolate and sweet treats – about families and food – about getting the weekend off even though we have no idea of why.  It is about another pause in our lives between Christmas Holidays and our Summer Holidays.

When I was a boy it was about new clothes and the women wearing hats.  It was about not fighting with your brother because it wasn’t good on that weekend – so you waited until Monday to fight again.
Easter has changed in my mind.

The photo I offer here and above (I am not sure who took it – sorry – a Facebook thing) tells it all for me. 

“A Cat in a Hat” that is not impressed with – silly customs that are weird and uncomfortable.

But Easter for me is a time that I think about God, about Jesus, about Jews and Hebrews, and Romans (Italians)… and think about a lot more and how it affects my life.

Happy Easter everyone – and please try to remember why.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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