Thursday, April 3, 2014

Celtic Love Spoons from Misty Hollow -carved over the long winter

Celtic Love Spoons from Misty Hollow -carved over the long winter
With the long winter and lots of time inside I have completed more Carvings for Misty Hollow Carving. In this Blog Post I would like to show you my selection of Celtic Love Spoons that are ready to go.

It is the Springtime, meaning more Weddings to attend and more gifts to buy for the couple. Why not consider a Celtic Love Spoon that has been hand carved in Misty Hollow?

This selection that you see has been added to by myself and assisted by my friend Ian, who just started carving in January 2014.  Ian has become proficient and improved greatly from his initial slices into the wood.  Soon he is hoping to set up his own woodcarving business.  Acting at this stage as a Student/Apprentice of Misty Hollow, he has quickly caught on.

If you would like to order a Celtic Love Spoon, please feel free to "Right Click" on the photo, save as... a file to your computer then email me at or

~ Murray Lincoln ~

For your inspection
Digital Image from Misty Hollow
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