Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Adventure at Canada Blooms 2014

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Our Adventure at Canada Blooms 2014
Today my wife Alida and I had an opportunity to take in the Canada Bloom 2014 in Toronto at the Direct Energy Building (- CNE grounds). It was our first time after all these years. The photos in this Album are shot for our purpose - ideas, beauty, and things that we loved and caught our eye. In no way is it all that was at this show!!! It was an amazing show to say the least - and a great help to chase the Winter blues away! Thank you Garden Club of Toronto and Canada Blooms!
I have already posted these photos to my Facebook Page(s), but I felt that some of my friends who are not on Facebook and also could not get to the Canada Blooms show – might like to see what we saw.
These photos will also be appearing on my “Pinterest” post as well.
If a picture is worth a 1000 words.. here comes 157,000 of them for your delight.
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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Digital Image from Misty Hollow

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Canada Blooms from Newcomer's Eyes

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