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Crimean War 1856 to 2014

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Crimean War 1856 to 2014
The opening ceremonies of 2014 Sochi Olympics was a showcase of Russia today.  And if you witnessed this great presentation you will have noticed the spectacular show of the past up to the present.  You would have seen what Russian leaders today would like you to know about Mother Russia and its care for its people.
But if you did any reading and any study of the present situations leading up to the 2014 Sochi Olympics you will have noticed that this area is one of the favorite spots of President Vladimir Putin.  If you read enough you will see also that a long time ago(maybe not that long ago) people that had lived safely and happily in that area and general region were removed so that the land would be able to be used for better ideas – like the Sochi 2014 Olympics.
The area has been in turmoil for many years.  Yet we forgot that and celebrated the Gold that Canada was able to win – beating Russians and Americans in Hockey was the highlight for all of us in our country!
Now following the Olympics news has been filled with the sad tale unfolding in the Ukraine with ­­turmoil, fighting, soldiers and protesters. Many have died again over who should be in charge.
At the same time the area called “The Crimea” has been invaded by Russian Troops.  The local government that had been part of the Ukraine was ousted and a new Russian authority took control.  Russian soldiers took over Ukrainian Army Bases and confined the Ukrainian soldiers to their bases.   The fighting was over in a matter of days with little or no loss of blood.
What the dickens is going on in that area of the world?  We all thought that Russia was progressing toward a better future and relations with rest of the world.
I mean, some folks were a little uptight because the Gay Folk of the world couldn’t get an easy in to the Russian Empire. Old Vladimir Putin didn’t want their kind parading through the streets and trying to recruit the youth of Russia to become Gay.  It was such a big deal that our leaders all stayed home in protest. I mean we all kind of saw that Gays are right and the rest of the world is nuts.
But Vladimir Putin had other things on his mind for Mother Russia – the Gay stuff kind of took everyone’s attention away from what was to happen in the Ukraine.
What is wrong with these people anyway? Can’t they live in peace?  Why not just get on with life like the rest of us… let the Gays be Gay, let Straights be Straight and let those that could care less about what kind of sin/sex some are doing or not doing just keep worrying about it all!!!?
But while that was happening and we worried – hundreds of Ukrainians died.
Well maybe with a wee bit more reading you will see that the Russians were beat back in the Crimean area by the French and English along with the soldiers from the Ottoman Empire in the mid 1850s – and they never forgot what happened.
Take time to read this article “The Crimean War” on Wikipedia.
The Crimean War gave history lots of stuff that some of us remember… “Nurse Florence Nightingale”… the most infamous battle ever… “The Charge of the Light Brigade” and all kinds of history wrapped up in War Stories.
But who could ever thought that it would all start reappearing again in 2014 – a 158 years later?
Russia did – because they don’t forget… and Vladimir Putin loves his country.
Some one said… It took Hitler a couple of years to invade another country after the Olympics were held in his country. It has taken Mr. Putin just a few weeks. Makes one wonder what is next?
Oh Boy!
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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