Saturday, February 8, 2014

I need and want a NEW CAR!

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I need and want a NEW CAR!
Ten days ago I stated I was so busy… it is winter… too cold for old people… and that Life is whirling around me.  Yikes.
Well it gets better, the story that is!  Maybe not better – just more interesting.
Our vehicle broke down when I was in Ottawa.  It died in our driveway when my wife was backing in.
It was the battery… dead … $250… ($90 labour plus $150 plus taxes.
Second the garage people discovered that an orange light on the dash board indicted a problem… looking into that they determined a Brake sensor was a problem – but that indicated that the main ECM (the computer brain for the vehicle) was in need of replacing… and if I didn’t do that the next emission tests to get the license for the vehicle would be a “Fail”… part ordered… and labour charge to be around… $450
Oh ya… I forgot… it cost $106 to have that estimate done… total… $556
Driving carefully home from Whitby Ontario one last Saturday… there was a terrible fluttering sound below the hood of the vehicle. I was sure we had hit a bird or something was dying in the engine compartment.  Nope! No bird.  The “serpentine belt” which is like the old “V Belt” of days gone by…the $14 kind… had been cut in half, instead of running on 7 grooves we now had three left.
Slowly we crept back to the city holding our breath.
Darn it… should have held our breath a little longer on the way to the garage.  The cost of new belt was to be $50 with $90 an hour to repair it. They ordered the belt. We waited until Tuesday to get the new belt. It came and was the wrong one. Reordered and left the car on their garage hoist for another day.
The call came that Wednesday afternoon to tell me that the vehicle was ready… $159
Can anything else go wrong?  Holding my breath when I say – “no”…?
My optimistic and positive wife said, “Oh well it is cheaper than buying a new car!”
Oh Yah…

Today I rented a brand new Dodge Dart 2.4L for a 4 day business trip.  Oh ya!  It has everything… a screen that shows the stuff behind the car when I backup… its own GPS… Sirius Sat Radio…heated seats… heated steering wheel … telephone connections (Bluetooth)… and a million other gadgets that I will fiddle with for four days. Oh Ya Oh YAH! OH YAAAAAH!!!
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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