Sunday, February 23, 2014

Double Yeah Canada!!

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Double Yeah Canada!!
 (Whew – 15 Days since I had enough time to sit and pour into this Blog. It hasn’t been happening because I forgot – just too darn occupied with everything else.
My third trip to Kingston is happening this afternoon. I sure have been I prison a lot lately.  It will soon be a life sentence. For my non-regular readers… I am a volunteer in a unique role of serving with the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) with Corrections Service Canada (CSC).  And with the role that I serve in there are a number of important committee meetings as of late – with a change in my role coming up soon.)

I just watch the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team win the Gold medal at the Olympics in Sochi Russia.  I also witnessed the Team from Sweden win the Silver Medal. Both teams played hard and should be congratulated for doing so well.
I couldn’t help but think that for approximately one hour of struggling to win on the ice surface – representing their country so well… with most of their fellow country folk watching…these poor guys were dead tired… exhausted in fact. Their legs were screaming for relief.  Their chests were gasping for the vital oxygen that was so needed to make it all happen.  These were athletes at their finest moment.
And the moment of each goal – their country folk back home were cheering their heads off… as if they had made the goal each time.
Then when the last second ticked off the clock and the Gold medal was Canada’s – WOW. The crowd filled with so many thousands of people cheered as if they had won the game… each one of them had played and each one had scored.
Yet the 15 guys, top athletes in the very best shape of anyone in Canada… needed a rest and to let their bodies build up again… nearly 33 Million of us over weight and out of shape desperately needed to get off our butts and do some exercise of some sort – claimed the victory personally.
And the 33 Million won the Gold for Canada!
Ironic isn’t it?  We don’t do a thing but we win.  But maybe cheering helps us win… maybe.
But my win personally will be when I can ride my bicycle again, walk again and just get busy doing stuff without any snow to drive me nuts.
I have shoveled enough snow… am sick and tired of ICE that has made it slippery and dangerous for people to walk and carry one business!
I shouldn’t complain really. I could be stuck on a quiet island in a warm place, eating the local fruit and local fresh fish, enjoying the home baked bread from a local bakery… and just chilling out on a warm afternoon.
But instead I have been located in one of the coldest countries on earth – so our Team could win Hockey Gold.  Because without the cold we would never would have had ice… and never learned that slippery ice can be skated on… and that we could win Gold.
Oh Ya!
Double Yeah Canada!!
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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