Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Wedding Cake Topper that made my day – and hopefully theirs

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The Wedding Cake Topper that made my day – and hopefully theirs
I received an email from a young lady that was planning her wedding.  She wrote to me after finding me on the Internet and the fact that I was a woodcarver.  She had arrived at the stage of planning what her wedding cake would be like… and contacted a Woodcarver?
Annette explained that she had found a photo of a stylized couple dancing or in an embrace.  Her question was, “Could you carve something this for our Cake Topper?”
“I had never done something just like this one… but would give it a try”, was my reply.
So after much close study of the photo and a little more research – and quite a few drawings I began the first cut into a black of Pine.
A few hundred cuts later out comes this beautiful carving of two people in an embrace… with the man holding his bride in his arms.
The carving was almost white in colour when it was delivered. Annette with her own skill put a good coat of finish (not sure what) so that it would go nicely on her wedding cake top.  The colour that she added to the Pine carving then blended with the surroundings.
I am posting my photos here today for my “Pinterest” friends and Woodcarver friends to give them more ideas.
Enjoy.  (BTW – Yes!  I now do Cake Toppers!!)

Here are some of the original photos before the Carved Cake Topper was delivered

~ Murray Lincoln ~

For your inspection
Digital Image from Misty Hollow

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