Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“Which person is more beautiful?”

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Today’s Blog Post

“Which person is more beautiful?”

I just knew it had to come someday. I knew that eventually Donald Trump would be in big trouble again.

Okay. Okay… I know I have likely turned you off and you are about to tune out. Hold on just a minute… I know that you don’t like Donald read a little further.

For years now I have watched and read the reports of groups and certain people that have tried to shut down the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Canada, Miss USA… or whatever other Miss “---“ there might be.

Particularly the women of Women’s Rights of all kinds have protested that it objectifies women. It makes them less than a woman to be paraded around like a prize beef cow in an auction ring. Her beauty is strutted in front of an ogling world – specially the swim suit division where she is showing all that she has.

Fat women need not apply enter this Miss Whatever contest. Neither should skinny ones. They have to be just right, sexy, not too fat, not too skinny and likely the best way to describe it is “luscious”. Hey – I ran out of words… even as a former minister.

In some ways I agree with the objectors to the pageant world. Having a woman try to out perform, out strut, out sexy the next person is a demeaning in many ways. I would specially object if it was my own daughters or granddaughter that were paraded that way.

Oh yes… I hear you… “Look at all the good they can do when they win the pageant!”. But I don’t buy it. You can do good and still not parade your stuff.

BUT and it is a BIG BUT… there is now another terrible thing to consider. It is horrible to think that Donald Trump and all his “henchfolk” have to deal with this NEW PROBLEM. Lord deliver us all!!!

The new problem is that one of the women that has tried to enter the Miss Universe pageant has been rejected. She is a beauty to say the least. But she is not a woman. She was born a man and made into a woman. And now she wants to compete for the Miss Universe title… the most beautiful, the most talented, the most intelligent and the most of the most of all women for this year. And the Miss Universe people will not allow her to be in this pageant because of her being originally a him. Ahem…

And Donald Trump owns the Miss Universe Pageant… it is one of his money making businesses. When the woman wins this pageant she will basically represent Donald at all his special money making efforts using the New Miss Universe.

Can you imagine? A woman/man trying to invade the arena for beautiful women…!

For the crowd that reads this Blog and don’t know… he(r) name is Jenna-Talackova. Jenna has special designation in her LGBT world as being transgendered. Transgendered are special people that have decided to become someone else of the opposite sex that they started out as. They did this by having a series of surgeries completed to remove all of what they were to become what they are now.

And for Educational purposes LGBT – stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgendered” which they have given themselves as a designation. I call them people – but they feel they need a special name.

You had to know that it would come to this. The fact that a former man is now trying to compete in a completely all woman world, blows men and women away!

No man has yet been able to conquer the world of pageants… he may own it but he could never enter it.

Now Jenna-Talackova has tried the inevitable. It would be her highest moment of recognition – to be crowned the most beautiful woman in the world. She has tried hard and done more than any other woman to get to this ultimate step up to a crown and glory… and she was refused.

More than 30,000 people are now protesting this rejection of Jenna-Talackova.
The comical thing is that I picked up the story from a “Hindustantimes”… and the Victoria Timescolonist… which both come from two areas that are not so open to Transwhatevers. (In my HO)

All of what is going in my humble opinion is in the minds of everyone. And the mind can change.

It is in the mind of Donald Trump and his helpers that this kind of thing of parading women across a stage with beautiful or little clothing on will sell and make money.

It is in the mind of the beautiful women that by doing this they will win and become the most beautiful women in the world – knocking out everyone else.

It is in the minds of men that ogle.

It is in the mind of Jenna-Talackova, that seems to think that this will make her more desirable, and the top of the achievement pile… likely making a way for all Trans people.

(And that simple thought brings another one, what about the Mr. Universe Pageant – and there just has to be one… could a Trans Man enter that? Would his macho buddies accept him?)

As I stated – minds can change… maybe it will take Jenna-Talackova getting into the pageant to let the rest of the world finally see that this is just plain nuts – all of it! Maybe all of it will stop?

Maybe if Jenna and all the other beautiful Trans People got into it and pushed the beautiful women out… maybe we could all see that this isn’t really beauty.

Beautiful women to me are wrinkled, some are saggy, some are plain, some are ordinary… and many are old.

If you could stand Jenna-Talackova beside Mother Teresa… and ask the question, “Which person is more beautiful?... what do you suppose the answer would be???

I wish Jenna-Talackova success in whatever Jenna-Talackova does. Because what she does will be with Jenna-Talackova forever.

Will Donald change his mind? What do you think?

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


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