Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Great Canadian Debt Load – what am I going to have to do about it?

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Today’s Blog Post
My Great Canadian Debt Load – what am I going to have to do about it?

Today is not really a good day for many Federal Government Employees. A host of them will be finding out what is happening to their jobs.

On the news this morning different people were interviewed as to what might be happening to jobs across Canada. One figure was spoken about as 26,000 people will likely lose their jobs – many of these will be front line workers that actually do the main interaction with the public.

The Canadian Government has stated that most will happen through attrition… meaning that people that retire will not be replaced.

Some of that could be true but what happens when the work load now done by two people is required to be done by the one – that didn’t retire?

Do you suppose that someone left working twice as hard to get the job done… might burn out… go one medical leave… the cause the Health System to quake under a new strain?

In Ontario we have just found out yesterday that our province is also about to quake under even more cuts… if the budget is passed through Legislation. However with a minority Government now leading they could be defeated with this budget… and with people as mad as they are… the Minority Government of Liberals could be ousted… and these MPPs will be looking for work at the E.I. Office….

But the E.I. Office will be shrinking drastically after today’s Federal announcements of the huge cut backs that are necessary. The once-upon-a-time employment counseling that was available is being eliminated with other cut backs. The poor MPPs will not have a place to find out what will happen next… and will get in line with all the others that will lose their jobs.

Hey Ontario and Canada – we are in trouble.

Maybe if we hadn’t participated in two recent world conflicts – Afghanistan and Libya… we would have a little more money to pay down debt.

Maybe if we had not been so generous with bailout money a few years ago… we would have even more money.

Maybe… maybe… maybe…

Maybe we are in far greater problems that we thought we have.

Maybe if they raised the HST one or two percent… would help pay the interest that is paid each day on the money that we owe as a province and a country?

I know one thing… I am so glad that I do not have to find a solution to the problem… and the difficulties of finances.

I did that over and over again in the churches that I served as a minister. For 35 years I watched the churches struggle with their financial problems. Debt was there… people that paid things off in church were dying… and the resource to pay the big mortgage payments was dwindling each year.

Many times I questioned how the church got into debt as far as they did. I wasn’t there when they took it on… but I was there when it wasn’t paid off… and it became my problem.

Big debt kills churches. That happens because the churches couldn’t foresee the future well enough.

On the side a person in our community that attends another church I know fairly well, told me that their church is going to build an $800,000 expansion this next year. They have people that can pay, with good jobs and money. After the announcements by the Governments this week.. that plan needs to be adjusted.

They also have people that left our church in a debt crisis to attend this church that is ready to build.. some of their reason for leaving was that they were sick of hearing about the debt our church had incurred 22 years ago and that wasn’t paid off.

Debt kills. Personal debt kills marriages. Corporate debt of churches – kill congregations… and Debt will kill countries as well.

Now on that downer note for today’s posting… I ask what are you doing to keep your debt down? What are you doing to eliminate your debt? What are you doing to prevent ever going in debt again?

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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