Friday, March 23, 2012

Marilyn’s Zit Immortalized – the power of Facebook and Blogging

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Today’s Blog Post
Marilyn’s Zit Immortalized – the power of Facebook and Blogging

It was an earth shaking day for my young friend Marilyn… that was Tuesday March 20, 2012. That unbelievable day Marilyn got a Zit.

Imagine a Zit… a horrible red spot filled with some sort of internal body fluids. And that Zit is on your face! Good Lord I do remember what a Zit is all about… when I was a teenager!

March 20th, this past week when the Zit appeared, was a tough one for Marilyn.

Marilyn is likely in better shape than any of the rest of my friends on Facebook. She runs each day for at least 5 kilometres and sometimes 10 kilometres.

This is what my friend Marilyn typed out for her world to see… now I immortalize it by posting it here again…

Marilyn said to her friends on Facebook…quote…
“so in 3 weeks I turn 50, I'm battling to keep my body parts in their God intended place and today I get a zit......seriously why?? When are you too old for these things?” End quote.

Well… this is where the story begins… it isn’t about Marilyn or a Zit – but about her friends and the phenomena of Facebook.

Before Tuesday March 20 was over, 22 of Marilyn’s friends had made a comments on her Zit… or at least her having a Zit. Can you imagine!? They were all encouraging her.

Of course most of her friends were kind and supportive. Most of her friends also are about the same age, except me. I am older of course, in fact much older than 98% of my Friends on Facebook… or maybe that should be 99.5% !!!

My comment was simply from a much older point of view and a person that has gone much further into the aging process than Marilyn has… ahemm.

On March 20, 2012, the day of the Zit… I wrote…
“I really hate to tell what comes next... really long and fast growing nose and ear hairs that come within hours - and you wonder why people are staring at you in a funny way... then suddenly you will die to get a "depends" on --- but be worried about your butt being odd shaped - i.e. flat across instead of the cute buns you used to have...and no matter how much duct tape you use to pull your skin back off your face at night... the wrinkles slowly ooze back into place in the morning. MARILYN - soon a ZIT will be a wonderful thing to get!!! Bringing back huge memories from the very long. long, long ago.” End quote

Marilyn replied the next morning… quote…
“I'm glad I didn't read your piece of "joy" before I went to bed” End quote.

Now I know that some on my more sensitive readers will be so supportive of Marilyn and her having a Zit.. and wonder how I could ever say such a thing to this poor gal…

Marilyn was in a youth group/college and careers group that I served as their pastor. I was the leader of this notorious group long ago. And much earlier before that her dad and I knew each other as fellow pastors. We have known each other since she was much younger.

Only on something like Facebook can a person’s Zit become the center of attention. At no other time can I remember a Zit ever holding so much attention. No one Zit that I have seen has had 22 plus people read about it… and now with my 1000+ friends and acquaintances on Facebook potentially looking up Marilyn’s name on my friend’s list… they will all join into the thought about Marilyn’s Zit…

Today another 165 or so people will read about it here on this Blog. And potentially this week over 1000 will read about the special place this Zit has had in our lives together. And the readers will come from east of New Zealand and all the way west to the Hawaiian Islands… with dozens upon dozens of people in all the countries in between reading about the Zit!

Can you imagine?

There is a power in this Facebook and Blogging. And today it all happens around a Zit.

Why did you need to know all this? I don’t know. You read it after I wrote it. I guess both of us, along with 22 of Marilyn’s friends on Facebook need to get a life. Too funny!!!

BTW – Happy Birthday Marilyn – our birthdays are the same week as I recall… not the same year!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

1 comment:

Rick Crawford said...

Social Media is an amazing phenomenon that is only beginning to be tapped for all it can do. I mean how many people had ever heard of Mister Koby before the beginning of March. Thanks for sharing the lighter side, Murray.
BTW, as Marilyn's husband, let me say that she still looks like a teenager and has more energy.