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My New Zombie Carvings - Zombie Parts - November 1, 2015

My New Zombie Carvings - Zombie Parts - November 1, 2015

Each week I locate myself at a local downtown Mall - the Peterborough Square - in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada(north East of Toronto).  That happens on Wednesday from 10 AM to 4 PM.  During that time I meet many customers for my wood carving business.  Some are old customers. Some are New Potential Customers who are looking for a unique gift of some kind.

Traditionally Wood Carvers are known for their ability to carve some form of Wild Life. Critters like Ducks or Bears are very popular for a certain kind of customer. However, not everyone is interested in Wild Life.  After they have purchased one Duck or Bear, they do not need or want a second one.

Over these past years I have discovered that Fairies and Fairy Houses are very popular as well.  A certain kind of customer that has an interest on Fairies - will want Fairies.  But these people are not interested in Ducks or Bears - or Wild Life of any kind.

Then there are the Cat Lovers and Dog Lovers - and Pet Lovers of all kind - who do not want Wild Life or Fairies.

You can see that trying to offer as many kinds of carvings as there are Interests - is nearly impossible.  When asked if I do an "unusual kind" - something new or weird or different from the normal world - it is easier to answer when asked one of these questions - "Nope.  I only do "Ducks" or "Wild Life" or whatever.

Most carvers answer that way.  What they offer is what you should be interested in. Plain and Simple they are the center of the Universe - not the customer!

WELL..... not long ago I had a really weird question asked of me.  Are you ready for the question?  Here is is....
"Do you carve Zombies or Zombie stuff?"

Whoa!  Hadn't been asked that one before.  But it was asked a few times after that.

It seems that the present population is interested in the walking dead... scary people... spooky sights and sounds with weird stuff mixed in!!!

But what kind of Zombie Stuff do they want?  Gaging from customer and their apparent income level - mid to late 20s - the 30 somethings and some teenagers - larger carvings of a full zombie may not be something they would want. However something small that they could either wear of have on their desk at work - might just be the kind of thing they want.

So I started carvings Zombie stuff - and Zombie Parts.  You will see the initial group in the photos below.

Judging from the initial reactions I have connected to another group that is totally different from the other folks. They may be children or grandchildren or Wild Life lovers, Cat Lovers and Dog Lovers.  Who knows?!  But they love weird stuff.

Guess what?  You cannot carve a Bad Zombie part. The more "bad" they are the more they love them. As long as it looks like something that came from a Zombie - or off a Zombie - you have a winner.

Enough typed in words. Here are the photos that you can view better the Zombie Parts.

These will be posted to "Pinterest" as well as my Facebook Page for Misty Hollow Carving at

Enjoy - or be grossed out - either way I have succeeded. ;-)

One more item - that is new to me - and maybe the even the weird world...

Meet "Frank N Stein" - a cool green necklace pendant ...
(In front of my Harry Potter styled wands)

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