Sunday, May 31, 2015

Part Two - My NEW Pyrography - on a Child-size Rocking Chair

Part Two - My NEW Pyrography - on a Child-size Rocking Chair - May 31, 2015

Here is my second posting on the progress of my Child-size Rocking Chair... doing the back of the chair.

First I laid out the design, distributing the Flower Designs evenly but with a variety shown.  Spacing for me is important as well as the designs are placed on the wood. BTW this is done by using a simple graphite pencil with fine lines making it easier to erase if I wish to remove my lines.

I have taken shots to show you how the work progresses.

As to the fumes and smoke that is produced I have a small fan blowing away from the work... taking the smoke away.  Blowing away also helps to not reduce the heat produced at the tip of my burning tool.

Take a look....

Next series of photos show the step by step progress as the burning continued.

I should have timed myself... but I do watch TV and when good parts of the program come on I stop burning... 

Step by Step... the first photo are of the upside down design... which I did to make it easier to reach the burning area.

Beginning the second back support - the lower one - still in upside down position

Next shots are right-side up...

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