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The “Rebecca Love Spoon” March 14 2015

The “Rebecca Love Spoon”

In my last post I introduced you to “Rebecca Love Spoon”.  It is my latest completed carving project.

Why is the name “Rebecca Love Spoon”?  Well Rebecca is the young lady that helped design it for her own wedding.  It is to be given out at their wedding this summer.

Today I met Rebecca for the first time, although we have known each other since last August – via the internet – email etc.  It was kind of like a “blind date” today at Tim Horton’s in Peterborough.

Today I met Rebecca and her mom – and delivered the 150 Celtic Love Spoons.  And I dare say that the Customer is very happy!!!

How did this all take place?

Well it is kind of a longer story than I will type here, in that Rebecca and her mom shared with me the story behind the story that I shared last time.

Rebecca went searching for the possibilities of a carver to make some Love Spoons for her wedding coming up in June 2015.  Most of the folk that she found were in Britain.  It was then that she discovered Misty Hollow Carving ( and contact was made with me. I was very fortunate to be the Canadian that could produce a Canadian product for Rebecca.

As I thought much about Rebecca and her order for her Love Spoons I realized that Rebecca is a young lady with much faith… and on my part – faith was demonstrated as well.

Rebecca reached out to someone she had never met and asked for something that had never seen done before.  All done via email!  She made a deposit with her order and then waited and waited and waited some more.

On my part as the artist and carver I carved and carved and carved some more not knowing if I would ever get finished… and in the end would she even like the finished product when she saw them.

This afternoon at about 12:45 PM we met at Tim Hortons. I am sure she was holding her breath as I was too.  Both of us had the same question… would they be good enough to pay out real money – or was this to be a big disaster?  Yikes!
Now Rebecca never said any of that, but in my mind I certainly had a concern.

The end result was very successful.  And I am delighted to say the least.

So if anyone out there would like to purchase a great wedding gift – the “Rebecca Spoon” is now part of Misty Hollow product line.  I would love to carve some or even one for you.

The Cost of Rebecca Spoon is only $20.00 (unless you want more – then we can talk about it… J )

Thanks a million Rebecca – for having faith in an old wood carver… and for becoming my new friend.  Blessings on you and Cody!  June 15th will be a wonderful day – the best yet!!!

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