Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Owl Neclace - Pyrography on old Pine

The Necklace is carved from an old piece of Pine taken from a Old Steamer Trunk that crossed the Atlantic Ocean a number of times between Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Britain.  Its owners lived in Truax, Saskatchewan, Canada. They had immigrated from Britain in about 1900 - their travels took them home often.

The Trunk came into my possession following an Estate Sale.  My mother had bought the old house in Truax for a mere $500 with all its contents.  The $500 represented 10 years of unpaid taxes.

When my mother finished with the Trunk I dismantled it in hopes that some of the wood was carveable.... It was and here is the first result.

After this weekend I was able to complete two more Owl Necklaces as well.  Here they are and then from here they are whisked away to my Pinterest Pyrography Board.

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