Thursday, February 5, 2015

Love and Romance and Hearts plus Heart Attacks, Heart Surgery, Heart Failure and Healthy Hearts

Valentines Day comes once a year... and in the case of this posting today, it is only 9 days away.

Traditionally it is all about Love and Romance... and the Heart.  As long as I can remember and that is a long time - I can remember seeing and getting cards with Love and Romance... and Hearts in them.

However there is another important part about Hearts and the use of Hearts in our thinking.  For example Heart Attacks, Heart Surgery, Heart Failure and Healthy Hearts.  At my age now I have witnessed a number of my friends that have had something to do with one or more of these phrases.

The Heart is important in Life and Love.

So with that in mind I have carved some new hearts getting ready for Valentines Day and also ready to help some of my friends with Heart conditions of various kinds.

Oh - one more kind of situation that may be less popular but quite common too - the Broken Heart.  So these Carved Hearts will help this situation as well.

Enjoy the photos...

Murray Lincoln
Misty Hollow Carving 

Facebook for Misty Hollow Carving 

Helping Hearts

Fancy Hearts

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