Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Wood Carvings – Hair Sticks or Hairsticks

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Summer Wood Carvings – Hair Sticks or Hairsticks
My summer carving continues… this time it is “Hair Sticks”.  Hair – who?  Yep “Sticks” for use in some one’s hair.

Wikipedia states the following…
“A hair stick (also hairstick) is a straight, pointed device, usually between five and nine inches in length, used to hold a person's hair in place in a hair bun or similar hairstyle.

Unlike many hair pins, which are usually small and quite simple, hair sticks are often more elaborate and decorative, and feature jeweled or carved designs that make them stand out as pieces of luxury jewelry. The price of hairsticks varies greatly depending on the style, materials and craftsmanship - the cheapest pairs of plastic hairsticks can cost less than a dollar, while a single, hand-crafted hairstick by an artist can cost over two hundred dollars.”

Hairsticks have been used for 1000s of years according to what I have found so far.

But I am at a disadvantage in that I cannot wear them – my hair is too short… and really… I am not a Japanese Samurai Warrior.  In my mind yes – body no.
So here they are – ready for your inspection and also for Pinterest and fellow wood carvers. The patterns are included without the length of the shafts. Mine are almost 5 inches in length.

The designs presented for Fellow Wood Carvers - drawn on old Transparencies

~ Murray Lincoln ~

For your inspection
Digital Image from Misty Hollow

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