Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blog Posting is behind and Life is too complicated

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Blog Posting is behind and Life is too complicated
Whew – it has been a long time since my last posting to this Blog. A lot has happened in 11 days – maybe the busiest 11 days of the entire year.  Actually it was more than two weeks.
It began as I worked on a Grade 12 Physics project with my grandson.  Working intensely each night for over a week to get the project was ready for his presentation at school.  He got 108% on the project and I passed Grade 12 Physics for the 5th time…  He built a New Mouse Trap that included golf balls, a hammer, a bowling ball, a bicycle wheel, some marbles, noise, and some very fine adjustments of all the switches and intricate parts.  It measured 2 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet high. (A Blog Post will come shortly of this marvelous machine)
Then it was off to Ottawa where the next stage of my life started and another stage is almost complete.  My chairmanship of one committee is about to be concluded and the next Chairmanship is about to start. I move from the Provincial level to the National level as Chair.
Then there was one full week of presentations in Ottawa, Peterborough and Kingston of the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) that I am involved in.  It was CAC Awareness Week.
During this time I attended a Small Business meeting and then met with a potential small business partner.
To add some excitement I did a Wood Carving Display at the Dog Sled Races in Cannington and nearly froze to death.
Oh and then we can add Wedding Planning with one couple and also presiding as a Minister at a Funeral to help a family through their loss of a great lady.
Add to this we have had three blizzards that made driving ridiculous and a train ride to Ottawa fun.
Top that all off with the snow blowing and shoveling that we all have been doing… whew!
Then we had a party last evening for my Mom’s 93rd Birthday.
After writing this I am now too tired to start today… want to go back to bed… but have to meet two people at the Mall today about wood carving.
It is now 6:05 AM and I am ready to go again.
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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